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- Moderna COVID-19 vaccine- flu shots (regular andhigh-dose)- shingles- tetanus- pneumonia

We offer a selection of vaccines for ease and availability. Multiple vaccines can be given at a time. We prefer our vaccines are done by appointment.  Per the arrangement Valley Drug has with the clinic, we are only able to vaccinate patients 16 years of age and older. THANK YOU so very much for letting us help you with these critical vaccines.

If you wish to schedule a vaccine appointment, then please click the "make an appointment" below and click on the 'Vaccine Appointment Sign-up' button.

Please do not email us through this site to schedule an appointment.  The CDC has updated the COVID-19 vaccine guidelines.  They are available at  If you qualify for a dose based on the new guidelines, then please click the button below. We will not be getting the Johnson and Johnson version.  If you received the J&J vaccine, then you are able to get either a Moderna or Pfizer dose.

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