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We have flu shots (high dose and regular).  We also have the newest Moderna COVID vaccine, shingles, RSV, tetanus and pneumonia vaccines.

Moving forward, we will no longer bill vaccines to Medicare Part B.  We are forced to do this due to too many unpaid claims.  PLEASE call your insurance first to determine if a Part B provider has to give the specific vaccine you want.  If ‘yes’, then you can either get it done at a pharmacy that bills Part B (all of the big pharmacy chains) or pay market rate for the vaccine at Valley Drug.  We are sorry about the change, but we simply cannot afford to cover the cost anymore.  Flu and COVID shots are the most likely impacted by this change. Sign up here to schedule a vaccine appointment.

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About Us

Service, Service, Service.  That is us in a nutshell.


Our Valley Drug team is EXCITED to be the independent pharmacy serving Stillwater and the greater Valley area.  We opened in May 2020 and are owned by the Polucha/Kostroski family from Hugo. 


Valley Drug focuses on you, your medications, and how they fit into your life.  We prefer to keep our operation simple because that is an ultimate form of sophistication. Our team has access to a full array of medications,  limited durable medical equipment, over-the-counter products, and front end merchandise.  We spend a significant amount of time synchronizing prescriptions to keep our patients from making frequent pharmacy trips.  We ENJOY taking care of our patients' pharmacy needs, we treasure developing lasting relationships, and we look forward to doing business together.  We use local suppliers, keep as much money here as possible, don't have an overpaid CEO, nor do we have any shareholders that take money away from investing in our team, our store, the patients whom support us and thus our future.


One thing we cannot afford to do is fill prescriptions below our cost.  Certain plans impose this on pharmacies and we will let you know if/when this happens.  If you are looking for the insurance company that most directly supports independent pharmacy, then HealthPartners is the answer.  All other carriers use a middleman that has charged Valley Drug a DIR fee at some point.  These fees have been instrumental in putting many pharmacies out of business.  We invite you to Google 'DIR Hangover' to understand the financial pressures retail pharmacies face.  


Speaking of HealthPartners, our family would like to THANK them for their part in making Valley Drug happen.  They continue to be a fantastic, supportive partner.

We are located in the HealthPartners-Stillwater clinic located at 1500 Curve Crest Blvd in Stillwater, MN.  You can enter through Door 2.  You do not have to see a provider in the clinic to use us, nor do you have to have HealthPartners insurance.  We accept all of the major insurance plans. 


Most sincerely,

Your Valley Drug Team

Hours of Operation

Mon. - Fri.: 9 am - 6 pm

Sat.: 9 am - 12 pm

Sun.: Closed

Major Holidays: Closed

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